Residing in an Assisted Living Community

4 Things To Help Determine If Senior Living Apartments Are Right For You

As you age, you may not need as much space, or you may not be capable of taking care of all the space you have. That is where senior living apartments come into play. Senior living communities are where everyone who lives in the community is above a certain age, allowing for the creation of a like-minded community.

1. Ready to Downsize

When you move into a senior living community, you are more than likely going to be moving into a smaller home than the one you live in now. Before deciding to move, you need to determine if you are ready to downsize. Will you be able to downsize your furniture and belongings? Will a smaller home or apartment work with your lifestyle? Less space means less work, but you need to be ready for that transition.

2. Accommodations

You need to evaluate your needs and determine what type of accommodations you need. If you have trouble climbing stairs, will the senior living community offer first-floor apartments? Do they have ample working elevators or lots of accessible parking spots? Think about your abilities and what type of accommodations you would need, and make sure any senior living community you consider meets those accommodations.

3. Lease Terms

With a senior living community, you are generally not buying the apartment; instead, you are renting it. You need to look over the lease terms and make sure they are agreeable. Examine what the rent costs are and what the terms are if rent increases. You want to make sure the living space is affordable over the long-term. Find out what the conditions are for having guests and using community facilities. Find out what could get your lease terminated. You want to make sure you are moving to a place where you could live for a long period of time.

4. Community Facilities

Finally, you need to consider what community facilities you have access to. Will you have access to things like a gym, pool, or a community room where events are held? Is there any special transportation available? Many senior living communities offer additional community features; you want to make sure you like the atmosphere and accommodations of any community you move into.

If you are thinking about moving into a senior living community, make sure you are ready to downsize to a smaller place. When looking at apartments and communities, try to find one that has agreeable lease terms, a sense of community you enjoy, and that can accommodate your needs. Contact a senior living community for more information. 

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