Residing in an Assisted Living Community

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility for a Loved One When You Live in Another State

Sometimes, the demand to find an assisted living facility is urgent. As a result, although you may live hundreds of miles, or more, away from your aging parent, you need to start the process of selecting a facility right away. Thanks to technology, it is possible to research and select an assisted living facility no matter where you are.

1. Research Virtual Tour Options

You should first visit the website of any assisted living facility on your list to see if they have any virtual tour options on the site. Virtual tours can offer a detailed view of everything from the facility's private living areas to the dining hall to the outdoor courtyard. Often, right from the beginning, these tours can help you determine if the environment is one in which your loved one will be happy.

2. Look Up a Local Map

It is important to ensure that your loved one is in an environment that you deem safe and where they will be comfortable. If you are not familiar with the location of the property, do not hesitate to look up an online map. Many online maps offer street view images and the opportunity to zoom in so that you can get an idea of the area around the assisted living community. 

3. Search for Facility Reviews

Take time to look online for reviews about the facility. Often time, the reviews are from current and past residents that can offer you a firsthand account of the types of services the facility offers, their staff response, security and upkeep, and every other element of care they provide. Although you should not make your decision solely on these reviews, some of the information you find can be helpful.

4. Request a Virtual Appointment

Once you have a better idea of what facilities you want to look into further, contact the facility to request a virtual appointment. With a virtual appointment, an admissions staff member will contact you at a predesignated time to discuss your loved one's needs and maybe even offer you a tour of the facility via a video call. A virtual appointment can address all the concerns that you would typically discuss with an in-person meeting. 

Although you can use these tips to help you with the search, keep in mind, that you will also gain more confidence by visiting the facility. Once you find time in your schedule, do not hesitate to schedule an in-person visit for further peace of mind.

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Residing In An Assisted Living Community

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