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How Memory Care Is Different Than A Nursing Home

If your loved one is suffering from dementia, they are going to need to go into a memory home instead of a nursing home. Memory homes offer different levels of care for your loved one. 

Memory Homes Cater to Individuals with Dementia

Memory homes cater specifically to individuals with dementia in numerous ways. The actual physical layout of the space is made to feel more like a home, hence the name memory home. Memory homes have high levels of security, as individuals with dementia are more prone to wandering off and not knowing where they are at. The actual physical space is designed using a layout and colors that will help promote peace and tranquility for your loved one. Every little detail of a memory home, from the layout to the colors to the routine and services offered, is made to make a patient with memory issues as comfortable as possible.  

Memory Homes Are More Expensive

Memory homes are generally more expensive than nursing homes. They are more expensive because in addition to the normal care one would get at a nursing home, they also have people on-hand to monitor and assist twenty-four hours a day. Memory care homes are more intimate settings, and a smaller team of individuals will get to know your loved one and provide for their needs around the clock needs.

Memory Homes Off More Comprehensive Care

Memory homes offer more comprehensive care than your loved one would get in other senior care facilities. They will get regular assistance like they would in a nursing home or assisted living facility, such as help with bathing and dressing, medication management, and meals.  

However, they are also going to get care that goes beyond the basics. There will be a very low staff-to-patient ratio at the facility, and there will be someone there to watch after your loved one twenty-four hours a day, which is necessary for someone in dementia, who may be more active during non-traditional hours.

They will also offer special therapy that will help your loved one deal with some of the unique attributes that come along with dementia. They will get personalized care in a home-like setting.

If your loved one has dementia, you are going to want to get them into a memory care facility. Memory care facilities tend to be more expensive than nursing homes, but they offer more comprehensive care for their patients and will ensure that your loved one is monitored and taken care of twenty-four hours a day.

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