Residing in an Assisted Living Community

Making Your Transition To An Assisted Living Facility An Easy One

Moving into an assisted living facility is a big change in your lifestyle – you may feel that you're losing your privacy and independence. When you have difficulty with daily tasks, however, it's necessary to receive personal care in order to keep you safe – you'll have assistance performing daily tasks such as cooking and using the bathroom. In addition, moving to an assisted living facility brings with it new social opportunities. Here's how to make the transition to an assisted living facility as easy as possible.

Get Involved in the Community

One of the best ways to ease your transition into an assisted living facility is to get involved in the community. Attend a few community events shortly after you move and introduce yourself to your fellow residents. Living in an assisted living facility is a great opportunity to meet new friends and develop social bonds.

Once you have introduced yourself and made a few friends, deepen your involvement in the community by taking an active role in organizing community events. Many senior living facilities offer volunteer positions for residents – for example, you can help manage an on-site library or begin your own club or exercise group. Taking on extra responsibilities is a great way to remain active when you're living in an assisted living facility.

Make Your New Space a Reminder of Home

Decorating your room with your personal items is another great way to make the transition to an assisted living facility easier. You don't want to pack too much when you move – you won't have enough space for everything! You do, however, want to pack personal items and mementos that remind you of home. Personal items such as your favorite books, old photographs, bedding and the soap and shampoo you use in the bathroom are all small ways to bring a reminder of home with you into the assisted living facility. Many residents like to set up their new bedrooms the same as how their bedrooms were laid out at home, using the same bedding and same familiar end table. Having a constant reminder of home minimizes the disruption from moving.

Continue Your Old Routines

If the assisted living facility you're moving to is close to home, keep meeting with your old friends and engaging in your old social activities. Selecting an assisted living facility that provides transportation to residents helps you continue to meet up with them. Maintaining your same social routine makes the move seem like less of a big change. It also helps preserve your independence.

Meet With Family Regularly

Some seniors move to an assisted living facility that's closer to family instead of close to their old home. You won't be able to keep the same routine, but you can still call your friends regularly. In addition, being close to family is an opportunity to see them more often. Don't just wait for them to visit – take initiative in planning events like going to a restaurant or invite them to community activities in your assisted living facility.

Moving into an assisted living facility is a big lifestyle change that disrupts your current way of life, but it brings with it new opportunities for making friends and getting involved with other residents. To make the transition to an assisted living facility an easy one, get involved with your new community while maintaining as much from your home life as possible. Contact a facility, like Wellspring Meadows Assisted Living, for more information.

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