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Pros And Cons Of Moving Your Own Furniture Into Your Nursing Home

In advance of relocating to a nursing home, you'll need to give some thought to your furniture. Generally, you'll have the choice of moving into a fully furnished room or selecting an empty room and taking your own furniture from your current home. There may be some cost discrepancies between the two options to consider but, in most cases, you'll mainly want to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of how you wish to proceed. If you like the idea of taking your own furniture with you, there are some pros and cons to evaluate:

Pro: A Familiar Feeling

Furniture goes a long way toward making you feel comfortable because of the familiar feeling it provides, which can be a good reason to take your furniture with you when you move into your new living arrangements. This is especially true if you've owned your furniture for a long time and you feel somewhat of a bond with it. Even though the environment in the nursing home will be quite different from your home, your room will quickly feel more like home when you have your own furniture.

Con: The Move-In Is More Challenging

Moving into your nursing home is a bit more of a procedure when you want to take your own furniture with you. If you're past moving these items yourself, you'll either need to recruit some family member to help you or hire a moving service. Conversely, moving into a furnished room doesn't include these challenges.

Pro: It Saves You From Getting Rid Of Them

It can sometimes be difficult to part with pieces of furniture. This can especially be true after a spouse's passing. For example, perhaps you're moving into a nursing home after the death of a longtime spouse, and you'd be heartbroken to throw away the reclining chair that he or she loved. When you take this piece of furniture with you, it saves you from this upset.

Con: The Pieces Might Not Fit The Room

One thing that you'll find with furnished rooms is that the furniture is properly suited for the space. You can't be sure that your own furniture will fit well. For example, perhaps your couch is too wide for your new room, or maybe positioning a few pieces of furniture will leave some awkward wasted space. Once you have thought about the pros and cons, you can decide how you'll move forward in advance of moving in.

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