Residing in an Assisted Living Community

Tips For Findging The Right Dementia Care For Your Loved One

It can be incredibly hard to have a loved one suffer from dementia. It can be a lot of work, especially for just one person. If you are not able to care for them on your own anymore and you feel they would be safer in an assisted living environment, you will want to keep reading. While looking at facilities that offer dementia care, you will want to review the following: Read More 

When Your Child With Down Syndrome Wants To Move Out

It can be bittersweet for parents when their child announces that they want to move out. On one hand, you get the house to yourself, but on the other hand—your baby's all grown up, and where did the years go? There can be an added complexity to your child's forthcoming independence when your child has Down syndrome.  Capable of Independence Generalization is unhelpful when considering Down syndrome in conjunction with an individual's ability to lead an independent life. Read More 

Recovering From Surgery In A Skilled Nursing Facility Could Be More Pleasant Than Recovering At Home

If you're having orthopedic surgery soon, you might need to recover in a skilled nursing facility when you're ready to leave the hospital. Hospital stays are kept as short as possible, and if you're not ready to go home safely, a skilled nursing facility, also called a rehab facility, is the best place to go. Here's a closer look at what a skilled nursing facility is and some things you should know before you go. Read More 

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Residing In An Assisted Living Community

Hi there, my name is Jolene Pickles. Welcome to my website about assisted living communities. My grandparents eventually reached a stage where they were not safe living in their family home. To help them retain their independence while living in a safer environment, we toured all of the assisted living communities to find the perfect dwelling. They were very happy in the community due to the support and entertainment services offered there. On my site, I will explore the benefits of living in an assisted living community once it is unsafe to live at home. Please feel free to visit my site daily to learn more.


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